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Women’s toys

There are a lot of sex toys for women. The most well known are vibrators and dildos. AdultVibrators have been around since the invention of home electrical appliances and were invented to allow adult women to relieve themselves of “female hysteria” which was once treated by doctors. There is a wide variety of shapes and designs from tiny stimulators up to quiet large ones. A well known successful vibrator is the rabbit, it has been featured on many TV shows and it gives the user both internal as well as clitoral stimulation so it’s easy to understand it’s popularity. There’s also a vibe for every budget, from basic models right up to luxurious models which feature modern designs and materials, rechargeable batteries, more powerful and quieter motors, with some even have phone apps to control them!

AdultDildos are phallic shaped adult toys which don’t vibrate, and have been dated back to around 30,000 years ago. Ancient cultures used both wood and stone to satisfy themselves, whereas today dildos are mostly made from plastic, rubber and silicone. They come in a range of shapes and sizes right up to massive! AdultDongs are a type of dildo that resemble a penis more closely with things like a head, veiny shaft and sometimes balls. There is also a wide range of dongs and dildos to choose from and can be used for solo pleasure or for sex with a partner such as the case with strap-on dildos. Strap-On’s allow adult women to have penetrative sex with men or women. Some men and women like the role reversal that comes with “pegging”, and other straight couples use strap-on’s as a way for the man to better please his partner in the case of an erectile problem. Dongs and dildos can be a lot of fun and can be a good place to start for beginners.

Couple’s toys

Couple’s toys really can refer to most sex toys as a lot of couple’s use sex toys to improve their relationship. However more recently they refer to as mostly vibrators which can be worn while having sex. That way the woman can have her clitoris stimulated during sex, the man benefits by having some vibration against his penis but also his lover is more aroused and more likely to achieve an orgasm during sex. The We-Vibe has been the number one product in the couple’s market as well as Lelo. Couple’s sex toys are also perfect for couple’s who want something a little extra but are afraid of the size of traditional vibrators and dildos or worried that the man may be superseded by these products. These toys can be controlled via a remote or a phone app which also allows the man to feel more involved in her pleasure.

Men’s toys

Men love sex and masturbation and there is a whole range of products for men to use during these two acts. AdultMasturbators are designed to replicate an orifice that can be penetrated, such as a vagina, ass or mouth. The Fleshlight is a well known masturbator, but there are hundreds of other designs. Some fake vaginas, mouths and butts focus on realistic details such as lips and even pubic hair. Visualization is an important part of men’s fantasies so these are important considerations when purchasing one for yourself. The internal sensation is another consideration, most have a ribbed or textured tunnel to give stimulation to his penis.

AdultSex dolls more commonly blow up dolls are another toy for men. This improves on the visualization aspects by being a more realistic experience particularly for the higher end, more realistic dolls. The cheaper blow up dolls are mostly used for gag gifts for Bachelor parties and other events. Some men like the companionship of a doll and enjoy dressing them, talking to them as well as being intimate with them.

AdultPenis Pumps are another male sex toy used by thousands of American men and men all over the world. Penis pumps can be used to get an erection in the case of erection difficulty by sucking blood into the penis engorging it. A cock ring can then be worn to maintain the erection for sex. A penis can also get larger from pumping as well as using other penis enlarging exercises and techniques. Penis pumps can use a vacuum of air to enlarge the penis, use water as is the case for the Bathmate, while others use traction such as the Male Edge Penis Enlarger.

AdultCock Rings are worn on the penis to maintain an erection by preventing blood from escaping. They can be used in conjunction with a penis pump (to get the penis hard), or can be used alone. A lot of penis rings also feature clitoral stimulators which can be prongs designed to press against the clitoris with each thrust. This gives the woman more stimulation than sex alone would. Some cockrings also have vibrating components which stimulate both partners.

AdultMale Strap-On Dildos are also known as hollow strap-on dildos and can be worn over a penis. This gives a man several advantages such as being able to last for much longer or in the case of erection difficulty, he can satisfy his partner through the strap on. He can also have a larger penis than his own, providing his partner with deeper and fuller stimulation. There is a wide range of shapes and sizes to choose from. There are also male strap-on’s which strap-on next to the wearers own penis, so they can give double penetration to their partner. Their penis can go into the receivers’ vagina or ass, while the strap-on goes into the other hole catering for those who want to experience DP without bringing another man into the bedroom.

Condoms are worn over the penis to prevent pregnancy and STD’s. It is recommended to use a condom with a new partner, when having anal sex, when a woman is not on birth control or if one partner has a venereal disease. There is a wide range of condoms to choose from including colors, flavors and textures for stimulation.

Anal toys

AdultAnal toys stimulate a persons anus. Anal pleasure has been documented in ancient art and texts, and has been very popular in modern times. Anal sex’s popularity has increased and the taboo surrounding it is diminishing. This has been mostly due to porn which seems to be more focused on anal play than vaginal sex. Anal toys can be enjoyed by both men and women and there is a wide variety to choose from. Butt plugs and anal beads are well known products from this category. Butt plugs are designed to go into a persons anus and feature a flared base to prevent it from going in to far. Some vibrate while some just put pressure inside the body and if they are male, pressure against the prostate. Some are inflatable to give more pressure and pleasure once inside.

Anal beads are designed to be inserted and then removed by a string or handle, and as each bead pops out of the anus the person receives stimulation.Adult

Some people prefer to have a penis penetrate their butt so they may use dongs for this purpose. Just be sure that the dong is suitable with a flared base, balls or suction cup to prevent it from getting lost inside you.