Wake Up Vibe Black



Product Description

Have trouble waking up in the morning? Start your day off with a blast of pleasure with the Wake-up Vibe alarm clock vibrator. The rechargeable vibrator slips into your knickers and wakes you up at the desired time with gradually increasing vibrations.Indulge in a bit of morning glory with the revolutionary Wake-up Vibe. This sleek vibrator is designed to be worn in your underwear as you sleep and wake you up at a preset time with pleasurable vibrations. It`s never been easier to get up in the morning!When it`s time to wake up, the alram clock vibrator pulsates gently at 20% power. After an interval of 6 seconds, the vibration strength increases by 10%. This pattern continues with shorter intervals until the power is at 100% continuously until you switch it off. Manual Mode allows you to simply select a vibrating mode to enjoy 100% of vibrations for as long as you wish.Thin and comfortable enough to wear all night, this sexy silicone vibrator can be used as an alarm clock or paired with a slippery water-based lube for solo play.- Rechargeable alarm clock sex toy- Wear in your knickers for a pleasurable wake up call- Contoured for a comfortable fit and made from sleek silicone- Rechargeable battery with multiple plugs for world-wide use- Includes blindfold, satin storage bag and instruction manual- Silicone